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Arts Faculty- Hindi, English, Bengali, Urdu, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Economics, Psychology, and Music. ..

Science Faculty- Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics. . .

Commerce Faculty- ..

P G Course - Hindi & History. . .

Vocational Subjects - To be introduced shortly with clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. . .

The classes commenced on 1st August 1978 with the staff consisting of Gita Mukherjee Professor-in-charge; Gita Dey, Lecturer in Philosophy; Ranjana Narayan, Lecturer in Economics; Bina Rani Lecturer in Political Science and Ram Krishna Yadav, Peon.

It was in March 1979 that Rani Mahalanobis donated a vast area of land with three buildings. Tagore had named the buildings 'shalboni'. 'Mahua' and 'Uttara' , familiar to all as the 'Mahua Complex' and which is now called 'P.C.Mahalanobis Block'.

In march 1979 the college was granted permanent affiliation of I.A. and B.A. courses by the goverment of Bihar and Ranchi University. This was possible by the tireless efforts of Sarfaraz ahmad, who was then the secretary of the governing body of the college.

Library Has a collection of 10000 books including journals. .

What We Offer

Sri R K Mahila College offer Intermediate Arts, Intermediate Commerce and Intermediate Science
Sri R K Mahila College offer Bachlor of Arts, Bachlor of Commerce and Bachlor of Science
Sri R K Mahila College offer Master in Arts, Master in Commerce and Master in Science

Objective of the College

1. To impart education to women and to improve the academic standard.

2. To provide a good library.

3. To provide well-equipped laboratory facilities.

4. To create environmental awareness among the students.

5. Faculty development programmes.

6. To encourage cultural activities.

7. To encourage physical education.

8. personality development classes.